March 20, 2022

Sneak Preview : Anna Paulina Luna on Pirate Nation

Sneak Preview : Anna Paulina Luna on Pirate Nation

Here's a quick mashup of Congressional Candidate Anna Paulina Luna who will be on the Pirate Nation Podcast Saturday March 26, 2022.

Listen as Dave talks with Anna Paulina Luna on the issues facing the United States House of Representatives.

Listening options : - you can get the free Anchor app from Apple or Anrdoid and then find and subscribe to Pirate Nation : You will be able to stream the show online from any internet connected device after the show is released Saturday(s)

Apple : If you previously subscribed to the Pirate Podcast, grab a NEW subscription on Apple to Pirate Nation. It may have automatically updated for you when we released the prologue episode. Check your Apple app for the Pirate Nation, and if you have the "Introduction and Prologue" episode you'll be good when the new show releases Saturday.

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