April 9, 2022

For Such A Time As This

For Such A Time As This

Chris Nelson from Broward County, Florida joins the Pirate Nation podcast to talk about fighting RINOs, politics, and life as an activist.  You can follow Chris Nelson on Telegram (@Chris Nelson Uncensored) or sign up for a free membership to his website at www.freeflorida.me 

Also, a special announcement as Pirate Nation's sister company Tidings Media endorses Anna Paulina Luna for United States House of Representatives for District 13, Pinellas County Florida.  (see www.voteannapaulinaluna.com)


Also, Dave talks about woke culture creeping into the churches, but the Democrats got their wish for no mean tweets.

PirateNation will live stream next weekend from outside of the gates at the Disney World in Orlando.  Stay tuned!  

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