The Kyle Keegan Radio Show

The Kyle Keegan Radio Show

The Kyle Keegan Radio Show combines big-thinking entrepreneurship with free-market capitalism.

We broadcast the virtue of creation and mutual exchange. This is the radio show that embraces producing entrepreneurs and puts the prevailing woke communism on trial. This is not the "onepreneur" show. This is not the "4 Hour Workweek." This show is about building businesses that are bigger than us and living the lives of producers, leaders and capitalists.

New episodes are recorded several times per week.

"Entrepreneurship is a high calling and and honorable pursuit. Individuals are finite; businesses can be infinite. A business should be more than just us and our own efforts. The world's resources are available to good leaders. It is our job to be those good leaders. 

Having created great wealth means we created great value. An option chosen above alternatives by our customers, investors and employees. We literally improve lives through capitalism."

Recent Episodes

The NATO Price Hike - Ep 310

June 15, 2022

No, it isn't Putin's price hike. The private sector is a provider of solutions. The government is a provider of problems. Text KKRS to: 713-528-8219 Telegram Community: Twitter: https://…

A Post Truth World: The Intellectual Apocalypse - Ep 309

June 9, 2022

The books are cooked. The fix is in. The facts are what "they" say they are. Facts are only facts if they serve a propagandist's purpose. This is the end of intellectualism. It is unfortunate, but it is easy for propagan…

Economic Freedom and Gun Freedom = Human Freedom - Ep 308

June 3, 2022

Today I spend some time discussing the Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom. Just letting you listeners know that the USA has fallen in the rankings again like it always does... …

Is "The Glass" Actually Half-Full? - Ep 307

June 1, 2022

I have said it on the show before, it is pretty hard to be an optimist at this point in history... But what if there was proof that humans repeatedly overcome the headwind of the government and life somehow keeps getting bet…

Entrepreneurial Schadenfreude is BEYOND Useless - Ep 306

May 28, 2022

Schadenfreude- "pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune." We face a lot of schadenfreude as entrepreneurs, but we don't have to be the ones subjecting others to it. In fact, helping others is FAR more…

I Got Banned For Being Mean About John Maynard Keynes - Ep 305

May 23, 2022

It's Putin's fault! It's Biden's fault! It's Trump's fault! All of the idiots of the world are pointing fingers. Do you know who is the foundation of our inflation problem? He died a long time ago, and planned on being g…

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The Kyle Keegan Radio Show combines big-thinking entrepreneurship with free-market capita…

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