The Kyle Keegan Radio Show

The Kyle Keegan Radio Show

The Kyle Keegan Radio Show combines big-thinking entrepreneurship with free-market capitalism.

We broadcast the virtue of creation and mutual exchange. This is the radio show that embraces producing entrepreneurs and puts the prevailing woke communism on trial. This is not the "onepreneur" show. This is not the "4 Hour Workweek." This show is about building businesses that are bigger than us and living the lives of producers, leaders and capitalists.

New episodes are recorded several times per week.

"Entrepreneurship is a high calling and and honorable pursuit. Individuals are finite; businesses can be infinite. A business should be more than just us and our own efforts. The world's resources are available to good leaders. It is our job to be those good leaders. 

Having created great wealth means we created great value. An option chosen above alternatives by our customers, investors and employees. We literally improve lives through capitalism."

Recent Episodes

SHORT: Rate Hike Effects on Real Estate Markets

Oct. 4, 2022

I explain what increasing interest rates does to the affordability of real estate. If rates keep rising, real estate will keep falling.

SHORT: Media Lies about F150 Lightning... Why?

Oct. 4, 2022

Just a bunch of anti-business hypocrisy from unlikely "conservative" sources... Except it is likely and 2022 "conservatives" are collectivist, group-thinking socialists now too. This is the video in question:...

Victorious Leadership Series Pt 4- Leaders Stretch and Don't Settle - Ep 323

Sept. 27, 2022

The biggest enemy to our best isn't always some disaster... Most of the time it is whatever is second best. Leaders don't settle. Leaders, by definition, help people out of where they are, to where they are going, but on…

Victorious Leadership Series Pt 3- Leaders Shoulder a Lot - Ep 322

Sept. 19, 2022

Whether it be the season of sowing, or dealing with obstacles, a leader has to shoulder a lot. It is intentional though. No one EVER unintentionally build a multi-million-dollar business. Once they do build incredible bu…

SHORT CLIP: "Unfettered" Capitalism

Sept. 16, 2022

Have you heard the word "unfettered" before the word capitalism? Is it usually coming out of someone's mouth that is arguing in favor of central control, using "wolves" and "geckos" as examples. Set your mind right. True cap…

SHORT CLIP: Play the Orchestra

Sept. 12, 2022

Another great clip from our leadership series... Episode 321

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