The Kyle Keegan Radio Show

The Kyle Keegan Radio Show

The Kyle Keegan Radio Show combines big-thinking entrepreneurship with free-market capitalism.

We broadcast the virtue of creation and mutual exchange. This is the radio show that embraces producing entrepreneurs and puts the prevailing woke communism on trial. This is not the "onepreneur" show. This is not the "4 Hour Workweek." This show is about building businesses that are bigger than us and living the lives of producers, leaders and capitalists.

New episodes are recorded several times per week.

"Entrepreneurship is a high calling and and honorable pursuit. Individuals are finite; businesses can be infinite. A business should be more than just us and our own efforts. The world's resources are available to good leaders. It is our job to be those good leaders. 

Having created great wealth means we created great value. An option chosen above alternatives by our customers, investors and employees. We literally improve lives through capitalism."

Recent Episodes

HOT SEAT: Fishing Product With Owner Tyler Bates - Ep 304

May 17, 2022

I told you it was coming! A hot seat episode with a deep dive into a particular business. You won't want to miss this. Hopefully this episode can inspire you to do something with a business you might have thought was dead, o…

Why I Joined The World Economic Forum (WEF) - Ep 303

May 12, 2022

You read that right. I wanted to see, for myself, what is going on here. This episode serves as an appetizer for future entres to come from this. This episode serves as an intro to why I joined. The philosophy of this gro…

Nominal vs Real Rates, AND Sales Effort, Finding "The Number" - Ep 302

May 10, 2022

Do you know the difference between real and nominal rates? It matters to a plethora of finance decisions you might be in the process of making. Do you know "your number?" The ratio of rejection to acceptance to your offer…

Two Sides of The Same Coin: Politicians are Socialist - Ep 301

May 6, 2022

Even the "savior ones." LOL So, What is an $8 banana? Listen and find out! Text KKRS to: 713-528-8219 Telegram Community: Twitter: Check out https://kee…

What Does Greatness Take? With Some Wisdom From Elon Musk - Ep 300

May 3, 2022

Who better to be a "guest" on the 300th episode of KKRS than Elon Musk. No, he's not really a guest. Yes, I wish he was. Yes, I plan to one day have him on my show. What does greatness take? I have a pretty sweet aviatio…

Communication Skills - Ep 299

April 30, 2022

I have long held that leadership is the single most important skill for the entrepreneur, but what is the most important part of leadership? Precise, accurate, and effective communication. I am more of a student of the to…

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The Kyle Keegan Radio Show combines big-thinking entrepreneurship with free-market capita…

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