The Kyle Keegan Radio Show

The Kyle Keegan Radio Show

The Kyle Keegan Radio Show combines big-thinking entrepreneurship with free-market capitalism.

We broadcast the virtue of creation and mutual exchange. This is the radio show that embraces producing entrepreneurs and puts the prevailing woke communism on trial. This is not the "onepreneur" show. This is not the "4 Hour Workweek." This show is about building businesses that are bigger than us and living the lives of producers, leaders and capitalists.

New episodes are recorded several times per week.

"Entrepreneurship is a high calling and and honorable pursuit. Individuals are finite; businesses can be infinite. A business should be more than just us and our own efforts. The world's resources are available to good leaders. It is our job to be those good leaders. 

Having created great wealth means we created great value. An option chosen above alternatives by our customers, investors and employees. We literally improve lives through capitalism."

Recent Episodes

When To Say NO, An Exploration In Motivation - Ep 275

Jan. 21, 2022

There is a thread at discussing motivation without the need for money. First of all, most of us don't "need" more money, we want more money... So the real question isn't if we want more, because sure why…

Larry Fink's "Stakeholder Capitalism" Virtue Signal - Ep 274

Jan. 19, 2022

In this episode, I tackled the increasingly woke Forbes article about Blackrock CEO Larry Fink's views on capitalism and commercial progress. Bottom line, if something makes you MORE competitive, DO IT... If you are sacrific…

Don't Sweat The Fixed Expenses - Ep 273

Jan. 13, 2022

Special guest, my Apple watch... A wrist worn wiretap. In consideration of the inflationary economy from our last episode, and being entrepreneurs within it... I was inspired to discuss more deeply the difference between…

How To Kill It... Despite Inflation - Ep 272

Jan. 11, 2022

Inflation is on the minds of most serious entrepreneurs and legacy minded people. Can the FED make inflation go away? What if they can? What if they can't? What does inflation mean for my investments? What does it mean for b…

How Rich People Didn't Get Rich - Ep 271

Jan. 7, 2022

Get rich quick schemes and lottery mentalities on trial today at KKRS. Look around, entrepreneurship isn't the lottery... Every single business had a beginning, and because it had a beginning, it had a BEGINNER! An entrep…

Who Were The Original "Luddites?" - Ep 270

Jan. 4, 2022

"THIS TIME IT'S DIFFERENT!" The cry of an economically illiterate luddite. This episode includes a little bit of a history lesson about the rejection of progress. Not progress in the nutjob political sense, which should be…

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The Kyle Keegan Radio Show combines big-thinking entrepreneurship with free-market capita…

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